It’s time. We all wished that it would never come, but when have those kinds of wishes ever come true. I still can’t believe that I will be bidding adieu to my college in a week’s time. It has been my home for the past two years and has been the most fulfilling experience of my education. These years truly helped me enrich as a person as I learnt many valuable lessons which are going to remain with me forever. I would like to say a heartfelt thanks to all the people who helped me gain these insights. All those who were nice to me and even those who weren’t… all made me learn a lot and made these two years truly worthwhile. Good things happened to me, for which I am most thankful for. A lot of bad things happened too….but most of them led me to a better place….and those which didn’t, I am sure are eagerly waiting for their chance. A song by Greenday goes, ‘It’s something unpredictable but in the end it’s right, I hope you had the time of your life. ’ I really did have the time of my life.

I had many adventures here (almost got bitten by a snake once), learnt how to truly get engrossed in one’s work (some colleagues really inspired me with their passion and zeal towards the course), understood what it felt like to let your hair down and just have fun (thanks to the innumerable DJ parties which are a permanent feature of any function here), discovered that my specialty lies in performing at the last minute (most of my assignments were made like that) and realized that sleep is a luxury (especially during evaluation weeks). However the most beautiful gift this college gave me are the amazing friends I made. I am sure when we are 30 somethings and look back fondly at our college days, we will not remember the harrowing schedules, the “oh so soon” deadlines and the race for marks. What were are actually going to fondly remember is the laughter, the carefree fun and the bond we shared with our beautiful friends. I am sure everyone will agree with me that these friends were the ones which acted as a cushion against this maddening competition to be the best.

I dedicate this post to all my friends who were always there for me and the beautiful memories I will cherish forever. I have always seen true friendship as a guitar….even when the music is not on, the strings are still attached. And I am truly fortunate for being blessed with friends who live up to this belief. I can never forget those friends of mine who despite not being present with me, were there to support me at every step. Be it talking over the phone or chatting online, they have never ever disappointed me and I am sure will never do so in the future.

My friends here were no less. I have no clue how I am going to live without seeing them every day. I am sure I will adjust somehow but that does not change the fact that they will be sorely missed. George Elliot once said, ‘only in the agony of parting do we look into the depths of love,’ and it’s so true. Now that I know that my days in this place are limited I have started introspecting into how integral they had become in my life. It’s always the little things that you miss. I cannot believe that I am not going to have my meals with them, share the accounts of my day with them, celebrate every little thing, have midnight binge sessions….sounds scary. They managed to do the craziest things to help me out and still behaved like it was not a big deal. But the most important thing I will miss is the unrestrained laughter we shared. One of the beauties of friendship is that you can afford to be on your most idiotic behavior and still be loved and accepted. I really want to thank my friends for being that way. They allowed me to be just myself and loved me for that. In this insane world where we have to wear so many different masks, it was a true solace to find a place where no such masks were required.

I am not very good with goodbyes. It kills me to part with people I love and I cannot stand the myriad emotions overwhelming my being. But I just want to let all my friends know that they mean the world to me and I wish them all the luck in the world in their future endeavors. You have helped me remain sane and are solely responsible for me retaining my optimism and patience in this mad mad world. And it is with great pain that I say goodbye to you. But I guess this is important. Life never remains the same. It is imperative for us to part because we all are meant for bigger things in life. And we are saying goodbye only so that we can meet again after we have achieved our true purpose. As one of my favorite quote goes, “don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” Let us all wear a big smile and celebrate the fact that we happened to each other and gave each other lovely memories which will warm our hearts for many years to come. There is no such thing as the end. Everything is the beginning of something new. I wish everyone best of luck. May each of us fulfill our destinies and attain all the success, love and happiness we are made to attain. I would like to leave my friends on this note,

“Goodbyes are not forever,

Goodbyes are not the end,

It simply means I will miss you,

Until we meet again”