A Day in Life

I gaze into the space infinite, sparkling with stars countless,

While I voyage through the tar and bricks, where one is there, yet so faceless.

The moon follows my steps; it shines in all its glory,

Ah the benevolence it radiates; and I know that I am not solitary.

I reach my vacant dwelling; all weary and comfortless,

No one to wipe my silent tear; not a soul to whom I can undress,

Listless I gaze up again; and am met with mates illimitable,

Their splendor lifts my sullen face, and I know I am indomitable.

The birds are chirping and the sun has risen, freeing from the night’s embrace,

My mates have vanished and my grit is waning; the unsparing world again I have to face.

A fragrant breeze wafts from nowhere and brushes softly against my face,

I consume its ambrosial, rejuvenating scent; and I know that I am safe.

I set out again on my journey; the expedition for excellence and accolades,

I must brave the maddening tussle; I am sure I don’t want to fade.

The sun shines blazes on other’s heads; they think it is cruel,

But I see its unique hue of red; and I know that I am real.

I have lasted an another; a day of trial and tribulations,

Spoken to by a million tongues; but not a sign of appreciation.

It’s late and I walk back home; for them I have nothing but pity,

The moon comes back and I look at it; and I know that I am not empty.


3 thoughts on “A Day in Life

  1. oh this one I REALLY REALLY liked!!never had any idea u had such a flair for poetry!it actually made me feel weak and strong and happy it was so well written!

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