Those nights I spent immersed in you,

Those days I began with your name,

Those moments in which you were so real to me,

Those times I believed things could remain the same.

In the past, it is so far far away,

But still seems like it was yesterday,

Refusing to leave my despondent thoughts,

Tormenting me, wreaking a havoc.

They have come, they have gone,

But somehow you seem to hold on,

To that lonely nook in my heavy heart,

Appears tiny but occupies the whole compass.

Love unrequited, answers unfulfilled,

Desires unaccomplished, or is it my own guilt,

Eager to return to that blissful place,

Going back there, tracing our steps.

I beg, I pray , I plead, I cry in dismay,

For your memories to go away,

So that I can again feel complete,

Savor every hour before they quickly fleet.

Life doesn’t cease, I still exist,

Going through the daily rituals, testing my grit,

With a silent prayer on my lips to whoever who listens,

Take me from the melancholy, don’t let my eyes moisten.