The deluge of voices in this sea of people,

Drowning the valiant cries of my struggle.

Where am I headed towards, I knew if only,

In the company of millions, yet so lonely.

The road has no name, it leads to every place,

I wonder if it will take me to the one, to whom I am not just a face.

I walk with countless bodies, but no one holds my hand,

No one makes me smile, no one to steer me to the bank.

I rummage for warmth, strain my ears to hear a symphony,

But all I am met with is the cold stares, amidst the cacophony.

I scan every vacant eye, search those faces of stone,

In the hope of a gleam, which will thrill me to the bone.

My heart says that he too waits for me, enduring the same pain,

Walking behind me, or crouched in the nook of some lane.

The universe will conspire for our paths to cross and eyes to meet,

After all good things come not to those who wait, but to those that seek.