You smiled at me when everyone scorned,

You sang with me, when I was out of tune.

When I had no rhythm, you taught me to dance,

When I erred, you gave me another chance.

While I walked on, you took your turns to join me,

I can never be lonely, all the way you reminded me.

Braving the downpour, sheltering me from the sun,

We all would walk, skip, glide and sometimes run.

Some of us changed paths, but in my heart you will always remain,

I shall treasure our memories, for nothing they will ever be bargained.

Because you touched my tears, and turned them into pearls of joy,

You always stood by me, and never asked how or why.

Words are all I have to thank you, and even they fall short,

For inducting me in your life, and for crossing my path.

You shall always be a part of me, wherever I go,

This candle shall always burn, no matter how much the wind blows.


Sometime when I lie awake, and it’s cold and dark and still,

I can hear muffled voices, coming from deep within.

Of dreams unfulfilled, of promises unkept,

Of tales untold, and of thoughts unsaid.

I face the mirror, gazing into my own eyes,

In search of that candor, entangled in the web of lies.

I long for that beam, with which my face had once shone,

In place of this synthetic sheen, worn in the fear of being alone.

I walk down the forgotten lane, trying to resurrect dead memories,

To revisit the innocent laughter, recreate those beautiful sceneries.

I am met with no one, the lane is now a wretched wasteland,

It has all abandoned me, like through one’s fingers slips sand.

The dawn has cracked, my surroundings are filled with light,

I put on my mask, preparing for another wingless flight.

I leave my abode, hoping for the day to be endless,

I dread being alone with myself, cannot bear another night sleepless.