I gaze dreamily through the mist,
as the rain kisses the earth,
The dew descends on the grass,
and a longing takes birth.
To smile at your face,
while the wind runs through your hair,
To get drenched in this downpour,
so that no one sees my tear.

What a time it is for the parted souls,
to mourn and weep and mope,
Unseen in the privy fog,
lament covered under the cloudy cloak.
To pour their hearts brimming with grief,
like adding a drop in this deluge,
To let go of the dreams and memories,
which they no longer can use.

So I stand with my arms outstretched,
letting the breeze graze my face,
Submitting to the sky overcast,
absorbing the exhilarating pace.
For the water to seep through my skin,
and wash away all my pain,
And the wind to restore the life in me,
and dissolve my tears in the rain.