Songs of the Night

Sitting by my window, I watch as the darkness deepens,
Rejoicing the dawn of stillness, when everyone has drawn the curtains.
With no being stirring, this silence I dare not tease,
Drenched in my blissful solitude, with not a soul to please.

Losing what the day had brought, I converse with my dreams and designs,
Shedding others’ hopes and plans, left with only what is mine.
The wind makes me a promise, to carry me to my haven,
To take me to lands unseen, to attain all that I have craven.

Staring steadily out the door, I continue to be seduced by the dark
Learning about the joy of muteness, and the charm of the stark.
What a shame it is to sleep, and to wake up to the light,
Not to hear the unsung melody, and miss the songs of the night.