Monday Blues….not today!

Hi everyone,
I had the day off today (thanks to the UK banking system). All my friends who like me, are freshly catapulted into professional lives will completely understand the bliss a non working Monday can bring. I was informed about the holiday a few days ago, and since then my mind had been conjuring idyllic images of spending an afternoon at home on a summer weekday. It was brilliant indeed, lazing around the house, reading Austen and Wodehouse (my way of thanking the British for the day off) and not worrying about any deadline for once. Sure, I do these things on a weekend too, but doing them on a weekday gives me a different feeling altogether.

I was perched on my bed at 3:30 PM, sighing (yet again) at Mr. Darcy and saw the sunlight streaming in through the window. I know, it is hard to be romantic about sunlight in May, but hey, I was reading the mother of all romances. It filled me with inexplicable joy and contentment to sit in my sun kissed room. Just then, I realized how much I missed afternoons. I think afternoons are the most underrated part of the day. It is like the middle of a plot which takes it own sweet time to unfold. Holed up in my air conditioned cage of a workplace (which is not entirely bad this time of the year), I had forgotten about the laidback charm a pensive afternoon can bring. The post lunch sluggishness, the long siestas, sitting listlessly having meaningless conversations, has a lure of it’s own. I walked around my whole house watching the rooms radiate with pleasure, bringing a smile on my lips. I then sat in the balcony, listening to the chirping of the birds and the noises of children and it was therapeutic. I remained seated in the balcony, later joined by my mother. We watched the kids play, talked a lot, admired her plants, sweat profusely and welcomed the dusk together. I guess these are the moments we live for. The little things we do with our loved ones, the quiet afternoons we spend with ourselves and the holidays we happily welcome after working hard….all in all, a great day!



I gaze at the paper, eager to pen my thoughts,
Blank as a slate, with bewilderment I am fraught.
Words elude me, or is it my feelings that are numb,
In this drunken world, to the stupor have I succumbed?

I reminisce fondly, when my words had flown like a river,
Now they twitch morosely, curdling in my pen that quivers.
I grope into my soul, grappling with blurring memories,
They refuse to be forced out, afraid to see the light of reality.

My paper remains blank, words dying a silent death,
Martyrs to my despair, shrouded in tears of regret.
And I sit in cold stillness, gaping at my friend once so ardent,
Sighing heavily at the silence, and the wordless night that I am going to spend.

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