First Rain….

It’s that time of the year again. Overcast sky laden with thunder, looking over the frenzied, simmering city, suddenly explodes into that outburst it had been craving for. The air is suddenly redolent with that earthy scent and the sultriness is replaced with a breezy coolness. The raindrops fall in rhythmic unison drowning out the deafening noise. The city is awash with joy. It welcomes the rain with outstretched arms. No one is annoyed at being caught unaware, everyone drenches happily. No one seems to care that the roads are choked, they smile behind the wheel at the little puddles on the street. Everyone flocks the beach to rekindle the intimacy with their lives. Watching the sea swell, sipping piping hot tea and munching on corn on the cob, the first rain always manages to bring out the romantic in the city.

I am glad that I was not in my office, admiring this cloudy bliss from a window. I was on the road, bearing witness as the wind swept up, the sky darkened, the grey clouds stamped their authority with a loud thunder and the downpour began. And just like that, nothing was parched any more. I just rue the fact that I was all dressed up and missed my chance to get wet. I was on my way to attending the wedding of my friend of 18 years. I smiled to myself on the wedding gift she received from nature. In retrospect, I can’t think of a better day for the rain to arrive.


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