New Beginnings

DSCN3545It has been a long time since I wrote anything on this blog, a fact that I am suddenly very conscious and guilty about. I had created this blog about seven years ago while I was still in college. I had felt that I had a lot to say but could not find a channel to express it. After seven years studying, working, experiencing the joy and pain that I like to call life, that feeling of anguish still lingers. I am certain that most people empathize with that frustration that comes with bearing unexpressed sentiments and thoughts within themselves. I am quite sure that my thoughts would be of little consequence to the betterment of society. They would not bring world peace and neither would they solve poverty and hunger. I doubt whether my stories or experiences would trigger philosophical debates. But I do know that they would make me a bit more content with the knowledge that I am communicating more with the world. Even if it doesn’t matter to most of them, I am putting my thoughts out there. Which is why I have decided to resuscitate this little project I started long ago but failed to give time to. More that anything else, I hope that this new innings of this blog helps me strike a discipline and compels me to write much more often than I do now. Writing gives me joy, it gives me peace and makes me feel worthwhile. So, here is to new beginnings


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