Foggy Window

She sat on the couch and watched the raindrops trickle down her glass windows. It was only the fifth day since the monsoon had officially arrived but she could already see the novelty wearing off. The rhythmic pattering of the raindrops, the general coolness it brought with itself, the uplifting way in which everything seemed to be cleansed; it all seemed like a thing of the past now. She had already started hearing people complain about the nasty traffic jam it spawned and how everything smelled of wet laundry. Yet, she could not tear herself away from the mist forming around her windows. She took another sip from the glass of wine and continued staring at the tiny droplets of water dripping all over the foggy glass, her eyes lit only by the glare from the ignored TV screen.

She was woken up by the screeching of her alarm the next morning. Rubbing her eyes, she got out of her bed and went to the window. It had stopped raining and the window was not hazy any more. The only vestige remaining of last night’s downpour were the scattered puddles of water all over the ground. It was a rather unpleasant reminder, exciting only the little children as they splashed around in its murky water. She walked away from her window and busied herself with her daily rituals; coffee, shower, breakfast, catching a cab to go to work. The rain had resumed as she entered her office. People were rushing inside building, closing their umbrellas and finding a place for them to dry, cursing the evil rains all along. She smiled and went back to her work, letting the computer screen consume all her thoughts for the rest of the day.

It was only slightly drizzling while she was returning home. The sparse raindrops barely occupied the glass window of her cab. All around the city she could see that monsoon had already stamped his authority. There were little schoolchildren in rubber boots, some wearing raincoats, others with umbrellas swirling from their wrists, vast plastic covers tented over irritated street hawkers, vehicles splashing water all over the hapless pedestrians; the romance was already slipping away from this season. She asked for the cab to be stopped before her building was in sight and decided to walk. It was not an easy task with little puddles of water peppered all over her path. She sprang from one patch of dry land to another and reached her building with a triumphant air.

She once again busied herself with dinner preparations as she returned. As soon as she finished, her doorbell rang. She rushed to the door and opened it with a smile. There he stood, with flowers and a loving smile as he pulled her into an embrace. They had dinner and later perched themselves on the couch, limbs entangled in each other’s. It was raining again, raindrops were dribbling at her window, mist forming again. However the foggy window stood forgotten as she had something better to gaze at tonight.




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