Teaching Myself Haiku

This morning, I decided to teach myself Haiku. I have been meaning to learn this beautiful form of poetry for a while but somehow, never brought myself to do so until this morning. I must say, writing Haiku is a good exercise. I have been dabbling with poetry ever since I remember but have never been very particular about rhyme or meter. However, creating Haiku is making me realize the importance of economy of words. It has not been easy to adhere to the 5-7-5 syllable rule. Nevertheless, I have been enjoying this highly disciplined structure of poetry writing.

Here are a few Haikus I managed to write today. I understand that traditionally, Haikus was meant to celebrate nature. But I decided to delve a bit further. I look forward to reviews/criticism/suggestions from fellow readers.

In wild clasp,

I lay awake all night,

Drunk on words.


I return in time,

Greet forgotten friends.

Books on my shelf.


Birds flew quickly,

As rains lashed in yesterday.

Misty panes and eyes.


Snow falling gently,

Her smile defies the chill.

Frozen in time.


Pages awash,

Pen between my lips,

So much unsaid.



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