I Carry My Home in My Heart

Home – the word summons many images and sounds accumulated over the course of my life; a kaleidoscope of assorted apartments, streets, scents and people. A life of frequent transfers has made the idea of home a situational one; always moving, always adapting. For me, it has never been a specific physical entity; never bound by walls or a roof. The reason for this is simple. The thought of home is supposed to indicate constancy. It is meant to make a person feel rooted; to reassure them that no matter where they go, there is always a haven to return to. I haven’t had such luxury. Therefore, understandably, my interpretation of home is slightly different. It is simply the place where my parents are.

Years and years of relocating has made me exceptionally close to my family. Amidst the haze of changing addresses, schools and friends, my parents and my sister have been the only factor that has suggested stability. I speak from immense experience when I say that family is the only thing that you have in the end. Friends have come and gone but my best friend has always remained in the form of my mother. I may have studied under various teachers but my father still remains my greatest one; still teaching me patiently. And I doubt if I will find anyone else who can match the the histrionics my sister displays while laughing at my jokes.

Sadly I don’t have many objects that have remained with me since I was a child. Books, gadgets, clothes are in abundance but they don’t inspire nostalgia. If I leave on an adventure for a year, I will carry things that serve materialistic and practical purposes. But I will carry the thoughts and memories of my family as a reminder of home. I will bear the image of my parent’s smiling faces while bidding me goodbye at the airport; faces lined with pride, concern and unconditional love. My sister’s excited shrieks on fulfilling my life long dream to travel will stay with me wherever I go; unless they sneak in anything else in my luggage to remind me of home. After all, they will be the ones doing all my packing.

Written in response to Daily Prompt – An Ounce of Home


11 thoughts on “I Carry My Home in My Heart

  1. Another point for your writing, truly enjoyable and simple. I liked it, as usual, I cannot remember any of the writes you had done I did not like, keep going, perhaps I am already one of your fans.

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  3. Thanks for following my blog. It brought me to this posting of yours. I appreciate its true portrayal of your love for your family without giving way to sentimentality. Are your travels coming up soon? I shared your wanderlust and luckily followed my inclinations and traveled around the world for 4 years after graduation, working as I went. Ive never regretted it.

    • Thank you very much for reading. Sadly my travel plans are just an idea in my head. Hopefully they will materialise soon. I admire people like you who just sumbitted to their wanderlust. I am sure its a profound and enjoyable experience. Look forward to read more from you!

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