Good Week for Blogging

Last week of my life was fairly uneventful; another nondescript shift clocked in life. Nothing of great significance happened. However, it was a perfectly content and pleasant week as I wrote on this blog every single day. I am not the one who dwells in the past or wishes to relive my experiences, however wonderful they may be. We should let them go once they have passed. No matter how much we try to recreate or revisit them, they can never really possess the sheen of the first time. The best we can do is carry their messages and memories for the future.

We spend our days waiting for something extraordinary to happen to us. Sometimes days turn into weeks and months but our lives are the same. No breakthrough in career, no special someone met, no stories worth saving for the future; its just the same drudgery day in and day out. Nobody would want to relive these days made up of dry, humdrum moments. But we often forget how much they teach us. There are always little moments of wisdom and warmth tucked in such days. Slow days give you time for enriching yourself. Read a good book, learn a new skill, whip up a new dish; there are always ways to spruce up times. They are also a great time for introspection and contemplation. As the previous week began, I knew there was nothing great lined up for me. Hence I decided to teach myself something new so that the week would not be a complete waste. So I tried to learn haiku. One thing led to another and I was posting something on this blog everyday. While this did not help my career or made me rich, it did make me feel worthwhile. Some posts were rather well received and I was elated at interacting with so many different people. I went to bed feeling productive.

As said earlier, I do not wish to relive the past week. But I will carry it’s spirit in the many weeks to come. Besides why stop at a good week of writing when I have the chance to have many such more.

Written in response to Daily Prompt – Groundhog Week


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