Laughter Challenge

When it comes to friendship, I consider myself truly blessed. My life, characterized by persistent relocation made sure that I made new friends every three years or so. And in doing this, I realized how profoundly different we are from one another. I feel a little baffled at how different all my friends have been and how much I have reveled in their contrasts. In retrospect, it has been an excellent lesson in accepting varied point of views and finding a way to co exist with harmony and happiness.

I am not the person who likes to remember dates, partly because I don’t really believe in marking milestones. There are a few things regarding which my mind works on a highly abstract level.That is why when people ask me when or how I became friends with someone, I am at an utter loss. For, becoming friends is not a contract which can be signed after which I get a new friend with immediate effect. It is a gradual and a subtle process featuring heartfelt rendezvous; a process which ages flawlessly and which needs to be felt more than seen. I have come to realize that we can find friends when we are least expecting it, in people who seem to be the most ineligible candidates. I can never remember the exact minute I met someone or the words exchanged between us. It is a miracle if I register their face properly. But with time, what stays with me are random moments of companionship, warmth and contentment.

The best part of making so many friends is that I have the perfect person to enjoy different situations with; be it attending lit fests, watching movies, debating on the state of the world, midnight musings, blowing off steam, proof reading my writing or plotting world domination. There is literally one for every occasion. I cannot think of many traits that are common among them. Very few of my friends like to read. Even fewer share my passion for grammar. I am not sure how many friends of mine have the same principles in life that I do (which is a really eye opening experience). However, their is one attribute, an overwhelming undercurrent which runs through all my friendships, which is humour.

I am a fervent believer of the adage that a day without laughter is a day wasted. However, the more I interact with people, the more I am led to believe that we live in a largely humourless world. Maybe this is why I hold on to people in whom I can detect even the faintest sense of humour. For, humour is a gift which keeps us from being dissolved in our own egos. It brightens up mundane days and really does give us hope. I love to make people laugh and in turn love it when others make me laugh. Humour is something I refuse to part with and I like people who also do the same.

If I had to pose one question to anyone who wants to be my friend, I would like to ask them if they loved to laugh. More importantly, if they would make me laugh. If their answer is yes then all I have to say is “when can you start?”.

Written in response to Daily Post – Litmus, Litmus on the Wall



5 thoughts on “Laughter Challenge

  1. Unlike you, I am good at remembering dates. I don’t remember the day I met someone, but I often remember their birthdays. I think birthdays are a good way of showing people you care. You are right, a lot of friendships are an accumulation of memories and occasions spent over the years. I hope with your constant relocation, you find a handful of people to keep in your life. 😉

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