Ten Minutes of Tirade

If time were a person, he would most likely be a sadist, despotic megalomaniac with a singular agenda of controlling the world. I can picture that tyrant; incessantly cracking his whip, reminding the lesser mortals of how transient and powerless they are in his hands. I can imagine his uproarious laugh when he would trap his clueless subjects in the diabolical dungeons of deadlines and watch giddily as they scamper around to break free.

My not so benevolent thoughts towards this dimension called time often comes to the fore when I am faced with unwanted deadlines. Giving ten minutes to write about anything must be the brain child of my arch nemesis I am yet to meet. Maybe it is their way of hinting that they exist and are coming to get me. I am sure they must be enjoying watching my brain scramble for ideas and zero in on one. It is indeed frustrating as ideas for blog posts circle my mind all day long but desert me at the most inopportune time. Hence I have decided to settle for a rant against the culprit himself.

Well, I have realized one thing; I am eloquent when I am ranting on a deadline. Is that a lesson you are trying to teach me, time? Are you trying to prod me into self discovery? Wipe that smirk off your cruel face and go away. I am trying to rant!

Written in response to Daily Post – Ready, Set, Done




One thought on “Ten Minutes of Tirade

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