Keeping the Faith

Whenever I think of subjects like faith, I sometime spare a few moments to marvel at the beguiling nature of words. Faith – seems like such an innocuous, succinct word with a  straightforward definition of “complete trust and confidence in someone of something”. But when one does begin to imbibe its meaning in life, it puts their entire existence in perspective. For some, faith is a deeply personal matter and for others, it is ubiquitous. I have spent many years contemplating the meaning of faith and its implications in my life. It is not easy; to question the beliefs you have grown with, to reconcile your teachings with your own view of of the world.  But it has to be done. It is the only way to grow your mind and become a truly wise person. I have seen many families which pass their faith from generation to generation. While I appreciate this sacred tradition, I believe the best thing to pass on would be the way one discovers their faith.

I have grown up with my deeply religious  mother with an unflinching faith in God. When I was a child, I had many impassioned discussions with my father about the existence of God and the relevance of religion. I am still not completely sold on both but the significance of faith was not lost on me. When I tried to delve deeper into it, I realized the beauty of it. There may or may not be a higher power governing our fortunes. However, even the strongest force in the world cannot make misfortunes inevitable. But faith is what gives us the strength and conviction to fight them. Faith is the blissful comfort that there is someone ready to pick us up when we have fallen; someone is dedicated to showing us the right way and to make us a stronger, happier person.It makes life happier and gives it meaning. It keeps us from being consumed by our own demons and shows how much beauty there is in this world.

I believe that humanity is the supreme religion and I have chosen to repose my faith in people around me. My family, friends are all keepers of my faith.  Be it keeping me brave in the face of adversity or making me laugh in my dark moments, they always have had my back. Most importantly, they make me maintain faith in myself. It is very easy to be fraught with self doubt, to be unable to back oneself. Everyone faces moments when everything they have known about themselves start appearing as an illusion. But one must come up with the strength within themselves to fight them and break the shackles binding their abilities. I know that it is easier said than done but keeping faith makes it that much easier.

Written in response to daily prompt: Un/Faithful






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