Friends tell me that words come naturally to me. But even words fail me when I am asked to describe myself. My name is Bithika, which comes from a Sanskrit word. “Abstract” is one of the interpretations of my name, at least the one I identify with the most. I am still on the path to self discovery. At this point I feel like I know myself well; yet there are many facets still waiting to be unveiled.

I love to read, have a passion for travelling and am an amateur photographer. I am also a cricket fanatic, a snobbish movie lover and an evolving cook. I juggle these hobbies with my job and try to find a balance. Above everything, I love to write. My love for words has seeped into every aspect of my life; from scribbling poems at the back of my school notebooks to drafting articulate emails at office. Words are my best friends.

I started this blog for many reasons; honing my writing skills, describing my experiences, exploring my emotions.Most of all, writing here would make me happy. I would be a step closer to knowing myself better.

So here it is… to my words. May our tryst never end.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. What qualifies you to call yourself a cricket fanatic πŸ™‚ whats the craziest thing you have done in the love of the game.

    I got a broken nose and a number of fractured fingers/ toes all in the love of the game – I still love to play the game whenever I can get an opportunity, though not able to follow the matches as much as I used to earlier.

    Even though there are billions of people all around the world, it is still such a small world where you can categorize everyone in just about a dozen or so broad categories.

    • Hello and thanks for stopping by.I have not had extreme experiences like you have. No broken limbs for me. I too haven’t played cricket in a long time but I love watching it. I do follow the matches quite diligently. I sometime go out of my way to make time to watch it. Right now I am eagerly looking forward to the England tour. Its somehow very comforting when I am surrounded by people talking about cricket!

      I agree, it bizarre as well as reassuring when we can categorize people in a few broad categories. Finding a few common traits in a world of immense diversity just strengthens the bond between us, doesn’t it?

  2. Very articulate, you’re quite a connoisseur in your own way, enjoyed reading your post and your self description…had fun time knowing about you…you’ve a great afternoon Bithika (novelty everywhere…:D) …

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