Keeping the Faith

Whenever I think of subjects like faith, I sometime spare a few moments to marvel at the beguiling nature of words. Faith – seems like such an innocuous, succinct word with a  straightforward definition of “complete trust and confidence in someone of something”. But when one does begin to imbibe its meaning in life, it puts their entire existence in perspective. For some, faith is a deeply personal matter and for others, it is ubiquitous. I have spent many years contemplating the meaning of faith and its implications in my life. It is not easy; to question the beliefs you have grown with, to reconcile your teachings with your own view of of the world.  But it has to be done. It is the only way to grow your mind and become a truly wise person. I have seen many families which pass their faith from generation to generation. While I appreciate this sacred tradition, I believe the best thing to pass on would be the way one discovers their faith.

I have grown up with my deeply religious  mother with an unflinching faith in God. When I was a child, I had many impassioned discussions with my father about the existence of God and the relevance of religion. I am still not completely sold on both but the significance of faith was not lost on me. When I tried to delve deeper into it, I realized the beauty of it. There may or may not be a higher power governing our fortunes. However, even the strongest force in the world cannot make misfortunes inevitable. But faith is what gives us the strength and conviction to fight them. Faith is the blissful comfort that there is someone ready to pick us up when we have fallen; someone is dedicated to showing us the right way and to make us a stronger, happier person.It makes life happier and gives it meaning. It keeps us from being consumed by our own demons and shows how much beauty there is in this world.

I believe that humanity is the supreme religion and I have chosen to repose my faith in people around me. My family, friends are all keepers of my faith.  Be it keeping me brave in the face of adversity or making me laugh in my dark moments, they always have had my back. Most importantly, they make me maintain faith in myself. It is very easy to be fraught with self doubt, to be unable to back oneself. Everyone faces moments when everything they have known about themselves start appearing as an illusion. But one must come up with the strength within themselves to fight them and break the shackles binding their abilities. I know that it is easier said than done but keeping faith makes it that much easier.

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Stop all the Clocks

Today’s prompt is the perfect excuse for me to catapult myself back to blogging. Sadly, I have been ignoring this project of mine for no apparent reason. I cannot explain my sudden sabbatical from writing; I just got a little distracted I guess. Each day, I went over the emails for daily prompts and ignored them with an inexplicable indifference, giving half-baked arguments to myself that I did not have much to contribute towards the topic. I am sorry to say that albeit briefly, I missed the point that the motive was to find a way to relate to these prompts and express myself.

Today, there is no room for unconvincing defenses. This prompt is a godsend as there is no reason to be restricted to any thought or an idea; instead it is time to plunge back into my blog and let my fingers do a freestyle dance over my keyboard. I do often go through phases when words just abandon me. Thankfully sooner or later, something happens which prod them to rekindle their friendship with me.

Having said all that, I do admit that it is very annoying to write when one eye of mine is firmly set on the clock. I like to leave my love for deadlines at work. But at least I am back on the blog and I am feeling happy. I wish that this marks my re entry into my blogging phase because I have a blast during that time. Actually at this moment, a wish to halt time would be more practical. But as Marquez said, wisdom comes to us when it can no longer do any good!

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His body is bruised, his strength is flickering,

His path his dark but he must keep running.

With parched throat and red eyes he rummages for solace,

He must keep running, because he doesn’t want the disgrace.

Neck deep in melancholy, he gropes in the mist,

Maybe he will find an angel, or maybe meet someone’s fist.

Loneliness is a sad affair, how he yearns for companionship,

But who is the one, how would he know, who will understand his fix.

Down the road he continues to tread,

In search of answers which a part of him dreads.

He stops short, what if that is not what I am looking for,

But who is he to decide the answer to the question he is tormented for.

All the world’s a stage, the Bard once said, and how well did he say,

All one can do is keep going and pray…

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Self Control in the Time of Technology

As I read through my twitter feed last night, I found several tweets mourning the horrifying loss of Oberyn Martell in the make believe realm of Westeros. Well I knew this was coming as I had read the books but it was a different story watching it happen on television. I was extremely sad and disgusted at the sheer level of gut wrenching graphicness with which yet another fan favorite Game Of Thrones character bit the dust. Don’t get me wrong, I am not the one who cringes at the level of violence depicted on the show (nudity, maybe yes). I was just shaken because Martell was just so awesome. But this is besides the point. On reading the tweets, I thought to myself, “Hey, like these thousands of people, I have seen the episode too. But these thousands of people have no knowledge about that. How will they know that I am cool too. Let me make them know.” So I tweeted my thoughts about how insane the duel was. As I was about to hit send, I thought to myself, “but I have read the books too. I knew he was going to die. But I don’t sound so smug about it in my tweet. I must let the others know that I knew this was coming but I am still disturbed that it happened”. So, I drafted another tweet, replete with smugness, angst and hashtag and hit send. I did not get any retweets.

I am writing about this as this was sort of a personal defeat for me. I was once again threatening to relapse into my former self who saw Twitter and Facebook as a platform of letting others know that I read a lot, was abreast with current affairs and had a grip on the pulse of today’s pop culture. However, the past few months have been a period of unlikely and on some levels, unconscious self introspection for me. I have been reevaluating most of the ways I live my life. As a result, I have been watching what I eat, I have been having second thoughts about whether I am in the right career and how secure I am as a person. Many may not agree with me but the advent of social media has triggered amongst us an amusing tendency to feel worthwhile while doing very little, which is very upsetting and cannot really be good for our self esteem.

As an Indian, I have just come out of a very historic and highly publicized election. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was elected amidst loud cheers and high hopes from the country, after a expectations defying landslide victory. The day after the election result, a friend asked me if I was aware of the events that transpired the previous day as I had not tweeted or posted anything on Facebook about it. I then realised how important it had become for people to let others know that they were up to. We now take pictures not to make memories, selfie is the newest way to indulge in self centeredness, before we start a new book, we let the whole world know about it, nothing is personal any more. Not to mention the copious amount of time we waste on agonising over someone else’s vacation, criticising someone’s profile picture or having a virtual screaming match with another idiot with a computer on the other end of the world.  I sometime wonder about some people if they go on vacations, or read a book, or watch a show, or have a baby just to post them on social media. It is as sickening as it is amusing.

I understand the appeal of social media (I am not old.). But what I have been questioning lately is the extent to which we have allowed ourselves to be consumed by it. What alarms me more is how easy it has become to defame and ridicule others. It sometimes just reminds me of how caustic we can be. I am worried that this is going to spawn a generations who thinks in hashtags, can abuse whoever they want and travels just to take selfies in different places. I am worried that we are increasingly turning into people who peg Facebook or Buzzfeed as their daily source of wisdom. I have been taking a serious stock of my presence of social media and the internet as a whole.

Each time I read something random and show signs of addiction, I ask myself if it is relevant in my life. Is it going to make me a smarter, better person. I think it is a good exercise. As in my opinion, self control is what we have lost in our bargain with the pervasive technology ruling our lives.

Is there anyone else who has the same concerns as me? Please let me know

New Beginnings

DSCN3545It has been a long time since I wrote anything on this blog, a fact that I am suddenly very conscious and guilty about. I had created this blog about seven years ago while I was still in college. I had felt that I had a lot to say but could not find a channel to express it. After seven years studying, working, experiencing the joy and pain that I like to call life, that feeling of anguish still lingers. I am certain that most people empathize with that frustration that comes with bearing unexpressed sentiments and thoughts within themselves. I am quite sure that my thoughts would be of little consequence to the betterment of society. They would not bring world peace and neither would they solve poverty and hunger. I doubt whether my stories or experiences would trigger philosophical debates. But I do know that they would make me a bit more content with the knowledge that I am communicating more with the world. Even if it doesn’t matter to most of them, I am putting my thoughts out there. Which is why I have decided to resuscitate this little project I started long ago but failed to give time to. More that anything else, I hope that this new innings of this blog helps me strike a discipline and compels me to write much more often than I do now. Writing gives me joy, it gives me peace and makes me feel worthwhile. So, here is to new beginnings

September Sojourn!

Towards the end of September, 2010, I took a 4 day trip to Pondicherry with my family and I must say that the place left me surprised. There is no doubt that Pondi is a well known tourist destination in the country with it’s famously virgin beaches and an elegant French connection. I pored over all the possible internet material on the place and  made a list of all the possible places I could see there, priding myself in being an informed traveler. But I was absolutely not prepared for what happened to me when I reached the place.

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Tongue rummaging for words,
Head pounds with despair,
My voice escapes from my parted lips,
Dissolving in tonight’s murky air.

I watch my shadow shape in the dark,
An unsure mélange of apathy and disdain
I struggle to shake it off my burdened being,
Despite the knowledge that it’s in vain.

Who has left and what has gone by,
I recount, stumbling through the scattered ruins,
And then I leave it all to gather dust,
Stepping on the dying embers, while the sky is still dim